Skin Treatment with Lemon and Orange


Choosing the most suitable cosmetic is like hitting your head against a wall. But those who have courage to play the game of ‘Truth and Dare’ with their skin, they go to hit those cosmetic stalls very often. But home remedies with natural herbs catapult only the skin resurrection regimen. Let we do some gimmicks with orange and lemon for rejuvenating skin:

  • Lemonade as blood purifier: Rise up early in the morning and squeeze out the juice of a lemon in warm water to have it for removing toxin from blood and restoring enchanting glow on your face via inside correction. You can add a spoon of honey into it for shaping up your waistline.
  • Excessive oil secretion can spill beans over the idea of spreading the aroma of your winsome beauty. Add few drops of lemon in the paste of multani mitti, rose water and a pinch of roasted turmeric for absorbing extra oil. Now, you can entice it with cosmetics as well.
  • Blemishes and scars can easily go away with the application of besan, turmeric powder, tomato puree and lemon juice on your face. You will never need any other scrub again.
  • The charismatic mingling of lemon with tomato juice that is approved natural bleach that can remove tan and lighter your tone as well.
  • Grind dried peels of lemon and orange together. Preserve it at some dry and cool place in a container. So that you can apply it every day before having your body rejuvenation during bath. It will shrink the size of your skin pores and glorify your face with rich sheen.
  • Dry skin looks wry or wan. It means your skin is urging for massage treatment. Prick a capsule of Vitamin E. Add its pulp into almond oil along with few drops of roe water. Apply it in circular motion but gently babe…

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