Lotus LEMONPURE Cleansing Milk


Putting on makeup gratifies your outer semblance but what about the aftermaths that you have to witness after the boggling schedule of a grand celebration? Don’t baffle or huff because “Lotus Lemon Pure Cleanser is there to let your skin pamper”.

“Lotus” as reflects from its name, is the brand name that deals in manufacturing herbal products. Herbs are used as the key ingredients of this product. The natural herb ‘turmeric’ coddles your delicate skin by cleaning softly and removing dirt from the deep pores of the skin. Its antiseptic trait halts the germs to damage your beautiful skin and treats lavishly with its moisturizing quality too. The elasticity of your skin, too, is enhanced by turmeric. The natural astringent ‘lemon’ tightens your skin pores to make them immune against the attack of skin affecting germs.

How to Apply?

No need to worry about that. Just squeeze out some cleanser from the bottle in the cotton and sweep it gently over your supple skin. Remember, natural beauty, too, needs gentle care of your.


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