Importance of Banana


Sweetness always enchants others to be caught in its tasty spell. Banana is that fruit that emanate its spell on people but the reason of favoring and gorging on this fruit has some scientific facts existing into it. Let us examine the benefits of this healthy fruit via the given points:

  • Regulate Blood Pressure:  A banana is enriched with potassium and low level of salt. This perfect confluence enables our blood pressure to be maintained and regulated in order to alleviate the risk of heart attack.
  • Supply strength to bones: Potassium is the most vital constituent that forms healthy bones. The problem of soft bones such as osteoporosis may result in breakage of bones frequently due to scarcity of potassium and it also helps to neutralize sodium and retains calcium from being gone out of the body as  waste.
  • Energy supplier: Vitamin C and vitamin B-6 are natural ingredients that are found in abundance in bananas. Thus, never think twice when ever your body screams for instant energy. Just peel off your banana and get the surplus of vigor and energy promptly.
  • Improves bowel: Dietary fibers are significant for providing proper growth and functioning of your bowel as it keeps your bowel system healthily maintained. Are you sick of frequent constipation? Just a single banana is enough to sort out your constipation problem.
  • Reduces stress: Depression and stress are those evils which triggers the functioning of metabolic activities inside the body. The repercussion of it reduces the level of potassium and therefore, makes you feel jovial after the release of constipation which ultimately, regularizes heartbeat.
  • Banana is the feast for your brain as it has the natural ingredient potassium that enhances the power of concentration and keeps you mentally tough and strong.
  •  Say good bye to ‘Anaemia’  by biting the pieces of banana as it has the tavern of iron due to which our body keeps on working at spinning pace and the clotting of our immediately heals the injury or any severe wound.

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