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Sickness invites huff. Very well said “annoyance lets the illness at its surge”. At the time of ailment your core implores to urge for remedy. The home made remedy is a domestic aid to heal your injury or wounds. Home blesses you refuge from meager diseases that require instant but intensive cure. This remedy has all natural solutions to combat your health problem.
There are some herbs, shrubs, trees and other vegetative products that can cast their spell to heal any health complexity. So, be ready to get some reliable, fruitful and common solutions to common health disorders.

• Honey
–     A natural moisturizer that softens your skin.
–     A venom neutralizing agent that can heal the biting of a honey bee.
• Rose water
          –    It is a natural astringent that closes the open pores of the skin.
–     It soothes the sun burn affected area on the skin.
–     ‘Say no to eye problems’ as rose water drives out the dirt particles from the eyes.
• Fuller earth (Multani mitti)
          –     It drenches out the oil from the skin. A real blessing for oily skin.
–     It is also an ideal remedy for skin strengthening and scars.
–     You can wash your hair with fuller earth soaked in water along with curd that would end your hair fall problem.
• Sandalwood
          –     It’s a real coolant that refreshes your skin and revitalizes it.
–     Smear its paste on the acne hit region on your epidermis.
–     Application of ‘Sandalwood oil’ on your scalp cuts off the burden of tension.
• Turmeric
          –     It benefits in overcoming your coughing. A small teaspoon of honey mixed with turmeric helps to beat cough and cold.
–     A half spoon of turmeric in milk stimulates immunity system.
–     The paste of powdered turmeric, sandalwood powder and fuller earth can be applied to on your face for fair complexion.
• Neem
          –     The leaves of neem are anti bacterial and anti fungal agent. Let few leaves of it to dry and crush them into powder. Now, mix that powder in your face pack, if you have any skin disorder.
• Banana and papaya
          –     Mash the pulp of banana and papaya. Apply on your skin for ten minutes then wash it away for getting satin smooth skin.
• Olive oil
          –     It is enriched with vitamin E and a natural oxidant that cleanses your scalp, prevents hair loss, make your nail stronger.
–     It is also Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal. So, rub it on the skin where bacteria and fungus have infected.
–     It can reduce hair breakage and increase its volume.

‘Nature is full of treasure, try it’. 


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