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“Live like a fun and eat like a glutton” zillion of human beings follow this custom as a line written on the stone. The life is meant to live and food has a quality to provide it the ’lifeline’. But we have forsaken the veracity that exceeding a limit can have rigorous consequences. However, a balanced meal suffices nutrients in appropriate ratio to the body yet the mouth waters at the sight of delicious spicy yummy food. Although we are no stranger to side effects of pouncing over the mouth watering tasty oily, fried and junk food yet our spirit does not deny urging for more.

But when the health problems begin their frolic to hunt us as their prey we start getting rid from the noose of their appalling upshots. “Obese”, “Elephant” and “hippo” are some of the famous names by which buddies and relatives tease you if you look over-weight. Don’t sob crony we have some fresh and really effective solutions to cut off your extra kilos.

  • Add few drops of honey in the warm lime water and gulp it in the dawn and dusk. Really your personality would get no match.
  • Mix 2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into the 16 oz of the water. Sip it gradually throughout the day instead of gulping this mixture in one go. Your metabolism will accelerate accurately and hence aid you to be fit and in shape.
  • A capsule of primrose water with warm water would also regulate your metabolism in appropriate manner and therefore stimulated metabolic activities can snatch you the most impregnable moment to witness your slim body.
  • Green tea leaves and caffeine are also good stimulants that help you to maintain your body weight.
  • Indian plum leaves can also do this wonder for you. Soak few leaves of Indian plum into the water. Leave it for the whole night and drink the water after separating the water and leaves.
  • The mixture of one cup of soy milk, one cup of rice milk, orange juice, one banana, four strawberries, one tablespoon of aloe Vera juice, one table spoon of black cherry juice, one teaspoon of raw organic bee pollen and one table spoon of flax seed oil would also give you skinny shape.
  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Exercise regularly to remain fit and fine.

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