Himalaya Kajal


“Sparkling Eyes quest vivacity to its height”

Do you wish to have dreamful eyes? Bliss for your eyes “Himalaya Kajal” contains herbal flavor of almond oil, camphor oil, Triphala and Damask Rose. Fresh nourishment of pure almond oil and pampering formula of Damask Rose nurture your youthful eyes. The very effective natural coolant ‘camphor ’soothes them with all its pursuits. A unique confluence of 3 power packed berries blooms nail biting sensuality into your lovely eyes. Its deep dark impression persuades every one with the marvelous effect of idyllic elegant belle. The long lasting natural water proof formula of this product would enable you to catch the limelight of innumerable admirers of yours. The glide of this beautifying accessory promises for its reliability for 3 years for just Rs 110.


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