Hairstyles – In No Time


Don’t have time to make your hairs look great as if you have gone through a parlour treatment! Here you have the solutions to your never ending problems:
• 2 min ready to go bun
You must always know some of the quick away hairstyles that you can do when hairs are in bad condition and you can’t spend more time. You can try 2 min messy bun. Tie your hair on top and wrap elastic band or rubber 2-3 times. Then dig some bobby pins matching your hair color and give a neat shape to it! Take out some layers out of it and do some spray work. Your  have a ready to go look! • Colored headbands
If you have short hairs you can go for colorful headbands. Nowadays bands with polka dots and and strips are in. you can even try bands with multi shades. The colors should always be eye soothing and light.
• Ponytail with poof
If you have straight hairs then you can always tie up a neat ponytail. Pull all your hair back and tie them low leaving half an inch strand out. Then pull the strand back and push a little in front in order to make a mountain like poof. Your hairstyle is ready!
• Use stylish hair accessories
Not in a mood to set to hair! Try styling your hair with colorful tic-tacs, beads, hairclips, clutches, rubber bands etc.These are all time helpers of your hair. You can also use soft scarves.
• One side french braid
You should know french braiding well in advance to do this style. Here begin by parting your hair to the side and braid it across the hairline, then stuck it by band to suppor t it. Your  look is ready.


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