Hair Fall Control


Your hair can bring either complement or comment. How? Shiny long tress is the heartiest desire of every next individual after all your braid will mark your outlook’s as upgraded or degraded, But maintaining the hair has become messy and clumsy task for the super fast generation of modern era. Globalization has left not a single minute to spend precious time over these petty tasks. Since hair adds enticement to your quaint personality, so it has become essential to groom them too.
Being trendy always propels a mortal individual to accept every challenge relating to prevailing vogue as emulation is always there in the air to outshine other competitors. A sudden hair loss can bring demoralization that would bring stigma to his or her soul. The whole world seems indulged in making fun of his or her short coming. So it’s a serious issue about which we have to consider intently.


  • Thin hair
  • Hair fall in clumps


  • Inheritance (androgenetic alopecia)- Hair loss on the frontline, forehead and top of the head.
  • Trichotellomania (compulsive pulling at the hair)
  • Alopecia aerate (Attack of immunity system on the follicles)
  • Stress
  • Inadequate food habit
  • Changed life style


  • Hair transplant and grafting.
  • Hair care products such as conditioner, serum, gels, hair cream.
  • Hair styling techniques such as perm, crimp etc.
  • Sprays, and dyes.



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