FOGG porn mobile is the new deodorant brand in the market from Vini Cosmetics Ltd. Its tagline is ‘Battle body odor with FOGG in India’. This new brand claims that all other deodorants in the market have more gas and less actual deo, whereas Fogg has no gas and has only deo. It guarantees 800 sprays for a bottle and that it would last for several hours. The deodorants smell great. In sweltering hot weather you won’t find yourself sweating.

Unlike other deodorant ads, this brand in the advertisements has not chosen to focus on girls getting attracted to men because of the deo’s fragrance.

Fogg hot gay porn deodorants give amazing options to men and women to choose from. Fogg has come up with 8 deodorants till date. They are:

Price: Rs. 170    Quantity: 100ml