Curl Hair with Curling Rod

As the trend takes a leap a new sensational style becomes in.  Hair should be tamed in such a way that viewers get stunned after looking at your new hair style in an admiring way and your hair should also feel ga-ga with your flaunting way of carrying them with pamper and love. Curls are in vogue once again. You can experiment with your thin strands of hair to give them a new trendy appeal.

  • Iron rod is specially designed to make your hair curled conveniently. But before rolling your hair, you should take some precautions while experimenting with your hair.
  • Shampoo your hair and then, squeeze your conditioning bottle to rinse your hair with it since conditioning would detangle your hair in a natural way and your beautiful hair will not fall while combing hair.
  • If you lack time, blow them dry with dryer or let them go dry in natural way if you have time.
  • Apply hair styling gel of good brand while protecting your scalp. So that your curls would sit for long at your head.
  • Get ready with your curling rod and switch it to turn hot.
  • Meanwhile, pin-up your front hair for curling it later.
  • First, wrap your thin strands of 2 to 3 cm around the curling rod. Wait for 10 to 15 seconds then leave them free.
  • Don’t try to comb those curls. It may unroll the curls.
  • Carry rest of hair strands one by one of width 2 to 3 cm and roll them round your curling rod. Hold for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • After completing curling of side layer from left and right, do the same with frontal layer step by step and your curls will be done soon.

Author: Fadu Fashion

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